Abstract - Saily

Hands-on workshop:
Data visualization in historical sociolinguistics
Tanja Säily (University of Helsinki)

In this workshop we will compare various real-world examples of visualizations in historical sociolinguistics, both static and interactive. The second day will be devoted to a hands-on case study, possibly with the students' own data.

Learning objectives:
Students will learn the basics of information visualization (Ware 2012) as applied to historical sociolinguistics. They will know how to explore their data to generate hypotheses and insights, how to choose the most suitable visualization for the task at hand, and where to find more information on producing the visualization.

Examples of static visualizations to be covered include line graphs, scatterplots, boxplots and beanplots in the context of historical sociolinguistics (e.g. Siirtola et al. 2011), while interactive visualization will be explored through tools like motion charts (Hilpert 2011), Text Variation Explorer (Siirtola et al. 2014), Khepri (Mäkelä et al. 2016) and types2 (Säily & Suomela 2017). Time permitting, we will also briefly consider interactive maps and network graphs.

Although some of the examples have been created using the R environment, this is not an R workshop and no knowledge of programming is expected. Everyone will be able to partake in the joy of discovery through visualization.

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